Ties of Blood: The Brontës

Ties of Blood: The Brontës is a vivid dreamscape that reinterprets the lives and art of the Brontë siblings, authors of the beloved classics 'Wuthering Heights' and 'Jane Eyre.'

Four artists, four geniuses, four siblings. Conflicting loyalties, forbidden love, and competing affections intersect in this tale of a family torn apart by fame, alcoholism, and the dark twists of fate. Through movement inspired from Japanese Kabuki theatre, live folk music, and text drawn from their diaries, letters, and novels, Ties of Blood presents a mesmerizing glimpse into the tortured world of the Brontës.

Written, directed, and designed by Caity Quinn. Performed by Grace Fournier, Julia Frith, Cassidy Furman, and Adrian Zeyl, and Caity Quinn. Assistant director: Will Bartley. Dramaturge: Aaron Jan.


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