Rabbit Hole

Director's Note from the Program:

For those who, like Becca, are bereft of a traditional God-centered worldview, Rabbit Hole offers a symbolic alternative; that of parallel dimensions with versions of ourselves leading similar, yet subtly different lives. In our production, we have sought to immerse you in a world where these other versions live and breathe alongside our main characters; celebrating and grieving through all the pain and joy of what it means to be human.

It would be tempting to say that Rabbit Hole is a play about grief. Although we see the characters of Rabbit Hole in various stages of grief, at its heart, I believe this is a play about hope. Rabbit Hole tells us that no matter how terrible a loss, we will be able to persevere. One day this loss will be, to quote the play, “a brick in our pocket. And we forget it every once in a while.”



Rabbit Hole Poster


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